Harvest Moon News

8 August 2017 - Exciting news from Harvest Moon!

We have enjoyed a wonderful season so far and we are really happy with our feedback from our lovely guests. It’s so nice to see so many return visitors,  some of whom are returning to Harvest Moon for their 7th year!  The Harvest Moon Cottage has recently been completed, its great for those who still […]

25 November 2016 - Thanks for a great season to all of our guests

  Hello to you all, It’s been another successful season here at Harvest Moon with lots of returning friends coming back to stay as well as some new faces this year. It’s great to see so many kids having new experiences, be it collecting eggs, feeding bunnies or sledging down a sand dune on the […]

7 January 2016 - Glamping News -Whats new for 2016?

Hello and a happy New Year to all of our guests and site visitors! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. It’s not long to go until we open again for the Easter holidays which are early this year, so we will be opening early.We have some great deals on pre […]

29 January 2015 - News from over the winter

Hi folks, We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. We had a really successful New Year with all the Treehouses rented out and the generator which we brought in meant that everyone was nice and cosy. We also hosted the Foxtrail Winter Running series on the 18th of January which had […]

29 October 2014 - Thanks for a great season folks!

We are coming to the end of another really enjoyable season at Harvest Moon Holidays. It’s been a very busy year with the new Treehouses opening in April and the Safari Tents in full swing again. The feedback for the new Treehouses and the Safari Tents has been great and we are so glad that […]

8 July 2014 - back-of-the treehouse Harvest Moon

6 May 2014 - Treehouses opening

After a huge amount of hard work by all involved the Treehouses have now been open for 3 weeks! On the whole the feedback has been fantastic. The site is starting to really come into its own with the lambs getting bigger by the day and leaves coming out on the trees. We are always […]

27 February 2014 - Full steam ahead for the Treehouses!

We are coming up to one of our busiest times down on the farm at Harvest Moon Holidays. We have been working flat out on the new Treehouses by the beach; we already have 5 which are good to go and are just finishing the last 2 ready to open in April. There is still […]

28 January 2014 - Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy belated New Year everyone and welcome to the first Harvest Moon Holidays News post. We are hoping to keep you up to date with what’s been happening on the farm and down and the site so here goes. After a pretty busy Christmas period this is the quietest time on the farm and at […]

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