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Thanks for a great season folks!

We are coming to the end of another really enjoyable season at Harvest Moon Holidays.

It’s been a very busy year with the new Treehouses opening in April and the Safari Tents in full swing again. The feedback for the new Treehouses and the Safari Tents has been great and we are so glad that so many people have already booked again for next year.

All the spring babies are now getting much bigger; some of the baby bunnies have already had babies of their own. Bill and Bob the sheep at the Treehouse site have now been moved to the field in front of the site as they were getting a bit too big and boisterous for the site! They are very happy there, as they have plenty of grass and some horses for company. Matilda the Hen at the Safari Tent site is still happy as always and still laying plenty of tasty eggs and all of the baby bunnies born this year have found good homes, some of them with our guests!

We have also had 11 amazing Weddings and a 21st Birthday Party where the site was decorated incredibly with 10 foot high flags, bunting and fairy lights so congratulations to you all!

We would love to hear your suggestions as to how we can improve the site so if you have any please send them to

Hope to see many of you again next year,

Kind regards,

The Harvest Moon Team