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Treehouses opening

After a huge amount of hard work by all involved the Treehouses have now been open for 3 weeks! On the whole the feedback has been fantastic. The site is starting to really come into its own with the lambs getting bigger by the day and leaves coming out on the trees.

We are always looking to improve the site and make it the best experience possible. We have just got a fancy new BBQ for the Safari tent site which has a built in smoker to smoke ribs and joints in. We are also testing solar panels for the Treehouses so that people will be able to charge phones and lanterns, if this goes well we may also look at the feasibility of rolling it out for the tent site as well. We are always keen to know your thoughts on how we can improve your experience so please get in touch if you have any suggestions at So watch this space folks!


All the best,

The Harvest Moon Team